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A significant part of Melbourne’s history

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Let's start from the beginning
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1830’s Batman Treaty
John Batman sailed the schooner ‘Rebecca’ into the Yarra and negotiated a treaty with the Wurundjeri elders, allowing the first Europeans to occupy this Aboriginal Land.

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1880’s Flinders Viaduct
The octopus act of 1884 authorised a single rail link and viaduct. It was later extended to 6 tracks. The viaduct was used as many things including markets.

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1890’s Markets
The Fish and Game markets were built and described as one of the finest market buildings of the world. The markets were unfortunately demolished in 1959 making way for the Flinders St.

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1950’s A Car Park

Markets, railway offices, freight yards and goods sheds sat on Batman Park and were demolished, making way for a car park.

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1970’s The Heli Pad
A Helipad was established in the 70’s and in 1982 Melbourne City Council re- placed the car park’ with a green public space, naming it ‘Batman Park’.

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2000’s Northbank Place
In 2009, 3 high-rise towers were developed on the existing market site, together with a car park under the viaduct, which is now set to be transformed into something spectacular.